Director, Taylor Prigmore

Assistant Director, Lois Bailey

staff & classroom information

Owner, JP Cope FItzgerald

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We are extremely  proud of our

infant class.  Miss Nicki & Miss Tiffani 

are very detail oriented & communicate well with parents.  They works  daily on

tummy time, crawling, & walking. 

The children are taught meal time

sign language to be used

before they can verbalize needs.

We proudly use the

Caddo Mills ISD Pre-K

curriculum schedule in our classrooms.  Our Pre-K 4 teacher,

Miss Amy, has a 12 years of experience

that she uses to safely educate & prepare our children.

Miss Rachel likes to

start them early.  She begins

potty training

in our 18-24 month class. 

Her dedication has gained a

high success rate.